Water Testing Auckland

Water is essential no matter where we live and what our lifestyles are. Nobody should take it for granted. Even if your supply is from a reliable water provider or a natural source, you can’t be sure that it’s safe for drinking, washing or doing any other activity.

If you have concerns about your water quality — whether it is suitable for what you are using it for — and source, we will be glad to arrange a water testing assessment. This will enable us to see exactly what the quality of your water is like. After the results come out, we can discuss what options are available for treating and maintaining the quality of your water supply.

If you have already obtained test results from experts other than us, we are okay with that. All you need is to give us a call and we will be happy to go over them if you need a second opinion.

The Importance of Water Testing

The quality of your water supply can either do harm or good. As most impurities aren’t visible to the naked eye, you can’t completely say that your water is safe until it has been through a proper test. After recieving results from your water test, we can help you identify if your water is acceptable to use or not.

Here are the types of contaminants that can affect water quality:

Bore & Spring Water

Bore and spring water supplies often appear clear and taste pure.  These below ground water supplies may contain dissolved impurities that should be tested for to ensure the water is safe for drinking and/or for use on farms.  To address any water issues with bore and spring water supplies, we will be glad to arrange a water testing assessment.  We arrange a water test to establish any contaminants present before recommending the most suitable water treatment system.  A list of the possible contaminants is outlined below.

Dirt and sediment

Discoloured or dirty water
Blockage of dishwasher and washing machine filters

 Acidic Water

Low pH
High copper levels
Blue/green staining
Corrosion of fittings and piping, burst hot water cylinder
Hair colour takes on green tinge

Iron and Manganese

​Black/brown/orange staining
Black bits
Iron taste and smell

Bacteria and Viruses

Coliforms or E. coli Bacteria
Ongoing sickness, upset stomach or general unwellness

Hard Water (lime scale build-up)

Scaling of hot water cylinder or kettle
Difficulty lathering soap
White stains on glassware and windows


Only detectable by testing
Causes Methaemaglobinaemia (“Blue baby” syndrome)

We have both whole house and under bench filtration options available depending on water quality and individual   needs.  We provide water testing services across Franklin District, Manukau, Whitford, Howick, Clevedon, Waiuku, North Waikato.  Contact us for further information and on the procedure for taking a water test sample.  Specific laboratory containers are provided for water test samples which can be obtained from us.

We at Aqualectrix believe that the more you know about your water supply, the more confident you will be about using it. Contact us today at (telephone) 09 237 0050 or (mobile) 027 278 2532 to schedule your water testing in Auckland.